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I help you protect your rights! Whether that is through protecting your constitutional rights or protecting your business and intellectual property, I make sure you find the power in protection!

I'm Darlene Harris, Esq. the Civil Rights and Brand Protection attorney that helps you protect the things most important to you.

As a Criminal Defense attorney for over 10 years I constantly saw the injustice my clients were facing at the hands of those who were sworn to protect and serve. I  decided to advocate in another way by helping people protect their civil rights against police misconduct and police brutality. 

Formerly a DJ and an insider of the music industry, I've also decided to turn my creative energy into a legal tool to help mission-oriented businesses protect their brands and their dreams.

Trademarks and Civil Rights, Charlotte North Carolina

I those facing a violation of their civil rights at the hands of law enforcement

At Law Office of Darlene Harris, we provide the following legal services.

Imagine if

  • You immediately increased the value of your brand
  • Your business became more marketable to ideal clients
  • You were THE brand that everyone recognized in your industry for your product or service
  • You knew without a doubt you AND your business were legally protected
  • You could easily defend your brand against the competition

I help scaling entrepreneurs

  • Get ahead of the legal risks to their business and brand
  • Create a long-term vision for their business with strong trademarks
  • Ensure they legally own what they've created
  • Protect their brands and business with proper legal review

Owning a business without a trademark is like living in a house without a deed. Would you invest in a home where the owner didn't have claim to the deed?

I'd love to help you protect your business with a simple, easy-to-understand and successful trademark process.

Police Brutality and Civil Rights

Working in the legal system as a Criminal Defense attorney and social justice advocate I saw first hand how misbehavior from law enforcement can severely impact a life. I decided to join in the civil fight to hold these officers accountable. Through my successful representation of high profile clients I've gained the experience necessary to make change. 

Getting the best representation is crucial to protect your rights. I am here to offer you support, guidance and legal expertise on your journey to justice.

Your story matters and your rights deserve protection. Let's work together to make change!

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Trademarks and Civil Rights Lawyer

About Law Office of Darlene Harris

I started my career as General In House Legal Counsel for a mid-sized company.  I then began to work as an Of Counsel attorney in the  litigation and business law departments at Oakhurst Legal Group in 2017. I have also worked as a Criminal Defense attorney for over 10 years and a Civil Rights attorney. I have worked in social justice and advocated for the rights of those who are marginalized by the legal system. 

I've been voted and awarded Top 10 Best Attorneys in North Carolina and Best In The Queen City by Queen City Nerve. I was also recently voted Rising Star by Super Lawyers for 2023 and Top 10 Best in North Carolina. 

I have the pleasure of serving on the Advisory Board for Gardner Webb University since 2021 and have served as the President of the Charlotte's Women Bar.

Now I'm an entrepreneur myself as the founder of Power In Protection Law, with a particular focus on helping minority owned and mission based businesses legally protect their brands from incorporation of their businesses at startup phase to trademarks and contracts as they grow. We also focus on helping those who have been mistreated by law enforcement. 

I received my law degree from North Carolina Central University and my Bachelor of Arts from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

When not practicing law, I'm an aspiring foodie who loves to travel, go to concerts and discover new music. 

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